Battle #1: The 30-Year Cold War
Against Lyme Disease

Note to Everyone May 24, 2016

I am just going to insert this at the begining of my home page. I will fix it later, but for now I wanted everyone to have this information.

I have found a combination that is truly remarkable and cheap. DC Vitamin Formula 360, in my opinion, adds extreme relief for Lyme disease. It may not be a cure, but it feels like it is just short of it (again in my opinion). You can purchase a 90 day supply through for $16.50. I don't profit on this recommendation. My heart simply goes out for anyone suffering with Lyme disease as I have.

I want to mention that DC Labs does not make claims that this formula will help relieve Lyme disease. I accidentally discovered it through trial and error. Trial and error and a closet full of supplements seems to be one thing that Lyme patients have in common. I will write more on my research later. I can't guarantee that this vitamin will work for everyone or even anyone, but at $16.50 for a 3 month supply, it is well worth the gamble. It should take affect within 30 days. Everybody get well. T.L.DeVries Meanwhile, if you would like to let me know how it works for you, please email me at

Now back to the original story:

Lyme Disease was discovered in 1975. Its cause was found in 1981. Since then, however, there has been very little progress in the areas of reliable testing or treatment. Even those who swear on 2 years of continual antibiotics have only minimal success. Here lies the controversy. Does the damage of prolonged antibiotics override the necessity to treat Chronic Lyme Disease? …Especially in light of no conclusive testing? …And does the lack of positive testing mean that Lyme patients are actually victims of their own imaginations?

Battle # 2: The Humiliation of Chronic Lyme Disease

The definition of true insanity is when you know that you are physically sick and the rest of the world believes you are suffering from, to put it kindly, an extraordinary imagination. They are actually referring to depression and/or mental illness. Sure, depression and mental illness exist and present their own set of harsh outcomes, but Lyme adds another layer to the mix. With this particular disease, there are actual physical problems that are triggering symptoms. Symptoms, which are being disregarded and overlooked. We are told that we are just making excuses. alt text The doctor looks you in the eyes and says, “These are all signs of depression. Go home and take your medication.” I wouldn’t have believed it had it not happened to me.

My heart hurts…is not depression. I can’t breathe…is not depression. I can’t remember names…is not depression. My joints feel as if they are coming loose…is not depression. My muscles are weak. It's hard to walk…is not depression. My feet and breath smell not depression. I see, feel, and hear things as if they are one-second behind and in slow motion…is not depression. I can only read for about 15 – 20 minutes before the pages are so blurry I have to stop reading. Then, everything else is also blurry for about 2 hours…is not depression. It is Chronic Lyme Disease. It is Real. In addition, it is Life Threatening.

Battle # 3: The Cure

What would you do if you accidentally ran across the cure for Lyme Disease? Would you keep it to yourself? How would you go about letting the world in on your knowledge? Especially when you don’t have a medical background?

These are all questions that I have had to answer for myself. I finally concluded that too many people are sick and dying. Something needs to be done. The medical community has not achieved the desired results—even after 30 years of research. In addition…I have found what I believe is probably the cure; it is at least a means to send Lyme into remission. I have replicated the results 4 separate times. However, the first 3 times were by accident. At the time I didn’t correlate the treatment with the effect and therefore did not continue the treatments. The 4th time was with the intention of #1, getting well, and #2, proving my hunch was right. It was.

Battle # 4: Stand up and Write

This is a peaceful war, therefore we will only fight with respectful written words. alt textThe purpose of this website is to encourage Lyme victims, their families, and their friends, to assist in a writing campaign, which will bring “the cure” to the attention of the medical community. This cure should be only administered by licensed physicians. Otherwise, it is very painful and can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important that “the cure” be fully researched and ordained by those who are able to set medical approvals and standards. Patients need not risk their lives. Doctors need not risk their careers. On the other hand, I am self-administering treatments for 2 reasons. I simply will not wait another 3 or so years for medical approval. I have been sick too long. Moreover, it has the added benefit that I can pass on information about what to expect once this treatment is approved.

Battle # 5: Learning to Forgive

When this is all over, we will have much to forgive. Although the IDSA will need to apologize to the world, we will in turn need to forgive them. Especially if we intend to receive spiritual healing along with physical wellness. In light of contrary documentation, it is my hope and belief that the IDSA's true mission has always been to implement the best possible medical decisions. If it turns out that they are found guilty of committing the crimes against humanity that they have been accused of committing…well, either way, we will have to learn to forgive them.

We will also have to forgive our friends, family, bosses, and co-workers who were simply not able to be there for us in the ways that we needed them to be. Look at it from their point of view. Lyme Disease looks, sounds, feels, and acts like a phantom disease. It seems as if we have made decisions to be down and out and half-alive. To our friends and family it appears to be a personality impairment. And to those friends and family members who held on to us for 20 and 30 years before they decided our issues were too much for them...thank you for your support for the years you were able to be supportive.

Battle # 6: Learn to Grab Onto a Wonderful Future—and Pay It Forward In Every Way Possible

I have been the victim of Lyme Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease for over 40 years. The last time I was completely void of illness, astronauts were landing on the moon for the first time and the free spirits of the sixties were meeting at Woodstock. I was 12. I have never known any other way of life. In many ways, I have developed bad habits that coincide with having had Chronic Lyme Disease. Things like I can’t make plans for next week because I don’t know how I will feel and if I will have enough energy to follow through. These habits will have to be broken one step at a time—in much the same way that any other habit must be overcome.

Another thing to consider is that when dysfunction or disease takes over your life, many other stages of growth also stop. In many ways, my development along with maturity level stopped at age 12 when I became sick with undiagnosed Lyme. This is a hard one to swallow. However, if I plan to recover completely, it will be one pill that is absolutely necessary for me to take.

One final mention, consider this: If it is possible that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people can be sick with undiagnosed or untreated Lyme Disease, is it also possible that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are sick with undiagnosed XYZ disease. And if that is possible, then is it also possible that humanity has been angry with people who have actually needed our help? Maybe the universal reason for this disease is to learn to forgive others. If you have had Lyme Disease and have not been understood, then you already understand that others might have XYZ disease and it has not yet been discovered. Therefore, it is time to learn forgiveness towards each other even if the reasons for forgiveness are not yet clear. I believe that in the end it will be proven that the majority of people who appear to have “personality disorders” or are in mental institutions or in the prisons or simply fail to thrive in life are actually sick with unknown diseases and need medical attention. For now, I hope you choose to follow me through this website and I wish you the best of health in your future.

It's important to know that this "cure" offers very little profit. I won't make money on it. You probably won't. And the pharmaceutical companies will profit very little. Therefore, it will be up to those of us who are or were sick to get the message out there for the researchers to prove. Thank you.

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